Tyler’s Gym Welcome Our New Yogi: Arpineh!

Meet Arpineh: A yogi with roots in Armenia, blossomed in Iran, and now thriving in the US

Hello, fellow yogis and seekers of inner peace!

Allow me to introduce myself—Arpineh, a passionate yogi with a journey that spans continents and cultures. Yoga found its way into my life when I was just 17, but it wasn’t until I turned 31 that my practice took on a deeper significance, guiding me through a transformative path.

My yoga journey truly blossomed when I completed my first 200-hour teacher training amidst the enchanting landscapes of Greece back in 2017. It was there that I specialized in the flowing movements of Vinyasa Flow, diving deep into the rhythm of breath and movement.

In 2019, I delved into the serene realms of Yin yoga at YogaWorks, adding another layer of expertise with 75 hours of the Bridge Program. This exploration of different yoga styles expanded my horizons and enriched my practice in ways I never imagined.

Fast forward to 2022—a year that marked the beginning of a new chapter in my yoga journey. I embarked on the Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the esteemed Yoga Noho Center. This intensive program has elevated my practice to new heights, allowing me to delve into advanced techniques and philosophical aspects of yoga.

The Journey Continues

But my journey doesn’t stop there. I am constantly evolving, always seeking to deepen my understanding of yoga. I’ve immersed myself in the practices of restorative yoga and yin yoga, further enriching my path toward self-discovery and inner peace.

Beyond the mat, I find immense joy in exploring the world around me. Whether it’s hiking through nature’s wonders, paddle boarding on tranquil waters, or venturing  across the globe to immerse myself in diverse cultures and cuisines—I am a true believer in the power of exploration and connection.

Join Us For a Session of Yoga | Tyler’s Gym

And now, I invite you to join me on this radiant journey of self-discovery and global exploration through yoga. Every Tuesday evening at 6:30, you can find me leading a transformative yoga session at Tyler’s Gym in the heart of Burbank. Let’s breathe, flow, and discover the magic of yoga together.

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Come, let’s embark on this beautiful journey together!
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