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Success Stories

Excellent Training + Wonderful Community = GYM I LOVE!

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and have done my share of gym hopping in the last few years. I was never able to find a gym that was the right blend of advanced, experienced coaching with a friendly, nonjudgemental community. It always seemed that the coaches were experts but the community was super competitive and intimidating, or the community was wonderful but the coaches had a lot to learn. I’d pretty much given up when I heard about Tyler’s Gym from a friend.

Tyler is an expert coach with over a decade of experience. After only a month he knows more about my strengths/weaknesses than any other coach who has trained me. He targets areas of weakness in a systematic, thoughtful way that gets serious results without burning you out. He is also able to plan and differentiate workouts for all levels of athlete with an eye for building skills safely.

If you are a beginner, check this place out! The friendly environment is fun and encouraging. You will get the best possible foundation built for your fitness journey!

If you are a pro, check this place out too! Tyler will correct all the little flaws in your form and target your weak spots to push you to totally new levels!

Kimi B.
Joined 2018

This is the easiest 5 star review I’ve ever written.

Tyler’s Gym is a paragon of what every gym should aspire to be. A completely welcoming environment for all skill levels to learn to love being fit. Myself being a mediocre healthy person, and loathing gym ‘culture’ have truly been transformed to love fitness because of Tyler’s tireless passion, knowledge and dedication to the people in his gym.

It’s really hard to put into words how welcoming, and friendly this place is. It’s got an adorable small dog that welcomes you… in his own way, the equipment is all new a top notch, and the knowledge that Tyler brings to every session is above and beyond. You truly feel as Tyler’s only ambition in life is to be a partner in crime for your health goals.

A true Burbank gem. If you’ve ever wanted to change your lifestyle this is the only place to do it.

Jeff D.
Member since 2017

Tyler is amazing. When I started with him 3+ years ago, I had not exercised in years. I have made incredible gains and would not have been able to do it without him. I have referred several friends to the gym and they all agree that this is exactly what they wanted – intelligent, efficient training. He is so patient and encouraging (and I am a tough customer). He is extremely knowledgeable about all things health and/or fitness related, pays great attention to proper form and works tirelessly on keeping everyone injury free.

His positive attitude and genuine concern for those around him is reflected in the quality of clients at the gym. Being greeted by his dog Milo, is the icing on the cake!!

Julie T.
Member since 2014

Tyler’s Gym is a great place for you to start working out. You will have all the equipment needed, from from a variety of bars to bikes and to rowers. The gym is very clean, and you will have Coach Tyler to coach you in the best way possible. Tyler is a very upbeat guy, willing to answer any questions you have. Tyler is focused on improving you as a whole.

Tyler is a very experienced bodybuilder, starting at a pretty young age and with years of professional experience. He has even been in competitions before, lifting hundreds of pounds of weight. Tyler has strongly improved my strength, form, and technique in my journey to improving my health and and body. If you have the goal and drive to work to get a better body, then Tyler’s Gym is the place for you!

Member since 2017

This review has been a long time coming. Tyler has been a part of my fitness life for over 3 years. At the time I was looking for an Olympic weightlifting coach and Tyler popped up in my search as the most qualified local individual. After a brief email chat, Tyler showed up to my gym and the rest is pretty much history.

Aside from all of the amazing qualities I could describe of Tyler and his gym, the one piece that outshines everything is the amount of care he puts into everything he does. For the health and fitness industry this quality is essential. He is genuine in his want to help individual’s move towards a better quality of life. As his athlete I went through a range of goals and wants but Tyler always prioritized my health over everything else. While under Tyler’s coaching he taught me how to grow and adapt to not only become a better athlete but also a better human. I learned not only how to become a better athlete but also how to fuel my body and soul for physical and emotional wellness. Tyler not only helped me achieve my athletic goals but he continued to educate me so that I was independently able to incorporate these lessons into my daily life.

The human I am today is very different than the person who originally reached out to Tyler. I am a healthier and happier person–empowered to charge forward in life knowing I have the tools to make educated decisions about my health.

Lesley T.
Member since 2015

Coach Tyler knows his stuff! I’ve taken several of his classes and have gotten better as an athlete because of the detail and attention he has towards his athletes. He is dedicated and knowledgeable and genuinely wants you to be a better you. Through his programming I feel like I’ve gained so much. I highly suggest joining his gym and giving him a try!

Elena F.
Member since 2018

Tyler’s gym is the absolute best! I just moved into the neighborhood and was looking for something that was not only convenient but would also be a facility where I could train hard. Tyler’s Jim is not only super convenient, I sweat my butt off every time! Tyler is a great trainer, the place has the best atmosphere, very warm and welcoming environment. If you’re looking for a great work out or place to train I couldn’t recommend this gym more.

Tim B.
Member since 2017

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