Our Team

Our Team

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Tyler Emery

Tyler Emery is a professional athlete and certified coach.  With over a decade of training experience, he loves working with people to help them achieve their fitness goals in a healthy, fun, sustainable way.  Gyms shouldn’t be scary and Tyler’s approach to fitness allows training all levels of athlete, from first time gym goers to advanced athletes looking to dominate in competition. Tyler has worked in premier gyms across Los Angeles, and combined his knowledge, experience and training philosophy into a completely unique training environment. The result is the appropriately named, Tyler’s Gym, where we make fitness accessible to everyone!


Cert: Level 1, USA Weightlifting level 2, OPEX program design, OPEX assessment, OPEX exercise selection, CrossFit Movement and Mobility

Greeter/Treat Tester


Milo spends more time at the gym than anyone and his commitment shows in his records! He holds gym records in nap-taking, belly rubs and treat eating.