Operation: GAINZ

Hello #teamtylers! We have built something amazing in the last six months. We have a world-class facility that allows us to target physical development with pinpoint accuracy, fantastic members who always cheer us on and a cute gym dog who is always ready to greet us after class. We are a lucky gym!

Now, it is time to share this amazing community with others for GYM GAINZ!

New Member Discounts:

New members who know a current member get 50% off their first month of group classes! Get that coworker, friend or family member who has been curious about Tyler’s Gym to try it out! Get the code in your email newsletter or on the board at the gym!

All new members can get 25% off by using the code teamtylers25

They can sign up for a free class and use the code at tylersgym.com!

Community Events:

We are expanding on our community events! These are completely FREE events where we open our doors to everyone in the community! Current members can participate without using any paid class slots on their plan and potential new members of #teamtylers can join in to get to know us!

Register for these events by clicking the links below or at tylersgym.com/schedule and clicking yellow events on the calendar.

Upcoming Community Events:

Class Changes:

Starting on May 28th we will be replacing our 9:30am class with a 7:30pm class on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY. The schedule has already been updated and you can see these changes at teamtylers.com/schedule or register through zenplanner.

Also starting on May 28th, we will be implementing a new cancellation policy for our group fitness classes. You must cancel your class reservation more than 60 minutes before the class or you will still be charged/use a membership pass.

If you have questions, please contact Tyler!

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