June Updates – T-shirts, Schedule Changes & More!

Tyler’s Gym apparel has gone LIVE!

Show your Tyler’s Gym pride with our new shirts! Taking on this part of your life is a HUGE accomplishment! Getting fit is a mountain few decide to climb. Take pride in the fact that you are on your fitness journey and part of #teamtylers! Take pride in your work! We are really proud of you.

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We’re always trying to make improvements and create the opportunities to bring others into the AMAZING community that all of you have flag-shipped. 

In that spirit, we’ve pushed back our schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this week. To accomplish this we traded the 9:30am classes on those days for 7:30pm classes! We have had many people asking for classes that are outside the normal office hours that many people have to work. We hope this will make it easier on our members and make our community more accessible to new #teamtylers!


Our little gym has been growing! With more students come more demand on Coach Tyler’s time. It’s important for us to be able to plan ahead each day so that Tyler is able to make the most of every hour. A big part of this is knowing who is attending which classes and how many students will be in each class. This allows him to dial in the experience for each of us! To help with this we are putting a 60 minute deadline on class reservations. 

If you want to register for a class or cancel a reservation for a class, you will have to do it more than an hour before that class. For example, if you want to attend a 9:30am class you will need to register before 8:30am that day. If you are registered for the 4:30pm class but aren’t feeling well, you will need to cancel your reservation before 3:30pm that same day or your membership will still be charged. 

 Again, this isn’t just group class fitness but it is semi-private training, the alterations specific to each of you is part of the deal! 

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